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Yoga for Your Eyes
Improve Your Eyesight Without Glasses
We are excited to offer this DVD and book by Meir Schneider a leading expert in improving vision without glasses.  As we grow older, we begin to notice changes in our vision.  Our eyes are so precious, and it is exciting to learn that our vision can not only be preserved but improved as we age. 
Enlightened Living Enterprises is dedicated to providing products and technologies to help everyone achieve their higher goals in life as we all move towards a more enlightened existence.  Throughout the years Ken has spent a lot of time researching many courses, books and tapes on eye improvement from the Western and Eastern traditions.  Ken feels that this course is a clear and concise presentation of the best of all the courses and techniques available.  We started doing these exercises and noticed immediate improvement in our close up vision and our long distance vision.  We wanted to offer this course to you. 

You can improve your vision—without glasses or expensive surgery. Meir Schneider is living proof. Born without sight, Schneider refused to surrender to his blindness and instead began an intensive exploration of sight and self-healing systems. Now on Yoga for Your Eyes, he shares the total approach for self healing that he used to reverse his own blindness.

On Yoga for Your Eyes, this respected mind-body authority teaches a complete video course about his innovative methods for improving vision naturally. Watch and learn with Schneider as he shows you how to exercise your eyes back to health. Based on the pioneering work of ophthalmologist William Bates, these proven techniques draw from the principles of Tibetan yoga to relax and retrain the visual system and help us see the world with less strain, greater acuity, and a more spacious visual field.

Meir Schneider can see—and that's a miracle. Whether you would like to improve your eyesight or learn the role that the eyes play in a complete wellness program, Meir Schneider's Yoga for Your Eyes is all you need. Includes a 65-page illustrated study guide and an eye chart.

You will also receive a 65 page booklet, an eye chart and exercise aids included with the DVD.

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