Expert Vedic Astrology
Pundit Ramanand Shastri

Dear Friends,
We wanted to share with you at this time
Some of Pundit Shastri’s predictions for the world for 2016
Which he made in January 2016
This information is intended only for those to whom we are sending this email
And is not intended to be sent out to everyone.
This year many people have been contacting us because they have heard other
Astrologers running lots of fear and concern about this year’s Jyotish
However, we have not heard any possible solutions/remedial measures that can be done
So the net effect is fear not love or wisdom or greater understanding.
In recent years we have stopped sending out Pundit Shastri’s predictions for the year
As most people do not know what to do with the information and worry too much about
The predictions, or try to make life decisions regarding investments, etc. based on the predictions
Which is not how this information should be interpreted. 
Personal life choices should always be made based on one’s personal readings
not on the world horoscope.
Pundit Shastri had been doing the World Horoscope for over 40 years now
And he uses at least 7 different systems for predictions for the World Horoscope.
Below please find a short summary of his predictions for 2016
especially during a time period which
Pundit Shastri wants everyone to know about coming up June 16th to 26th, 2016
World Horoscope (Jagat Kundali) Summary 2016
The rising sign is Scorpio
There are four malefic planets in Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses).
This year is not good in many countries,
Some countries are more affected like
Algeria, Sweden Western part of Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Austria, Cyprus, England, Germany,
Japan, Sri Lanka, Romania, France, Italy, Iraq, Afghanistan and Turkey.
These countries will be more affected.
There will be all kinds of internal problems and situations like war.
China will give big threats to other countries but not cause for a big war.
More safe countries will be America, Argentina, Belgium, Holland,
Mauritius, Scotland, India, Bulgaria and Portugal.
This year big conflict will come between North Korea and South Korea.
Terrorists will create big problems in all Arabic countries and gulf countries.
Around 16th to 26th June 2016 there will be more problems happening in many countries.
At that time there will be more tension worldwide
 So this year will be a very hard time all over the world.
Thank you very much
With best wishes
Pt Shastri
So, according to this year’s world horoscope there will be conflict, tension,
And righteous indignation all over the world 
(people fighting over their personal point of view as being better than others)
This may also be seen in our political processes.
Pundit Shastri is concerned about the time period between June 16th to 26th,
He said that in 2006 there was a similar time in the world when we organized a yagya for World Peace.  Through the generosity of many we raised $40,000 to have 121 pundits do a yagya for World peace, which lasted 40 days and 40 nights.
1,000 people per day in addition to the Pundits were fed at this time.
This yagya was extremely successful and no major conflicts occurred.
This year 2016 the time is almost as bad from June 16th to June 26th, 2016
However, Pundit Shastri has suggested a different idea to neutralize this negative karma/energy, which will allow everyone to participate in a solution.
This year Pundit Shastri wanted to offer inexpensive personal yagyas
That would be affordable to everyone; so everyone could do their part to contribute
To an upsurge of peace, love and harmony in the world and for your family when it is most needed
Pundit Shastri suggested:
Everyone try to do at least a small yagya
11 days yagya by 1 pundit $215
11 days yagya by 2 pundits  $430
starting on June 16th
with 2 sankalpa intentions:
       1) for peace, harmony and protection for yourself and your  family
2) for peace and harmony  for the world
Pundit Shastri is encouraging as many people as possible to do these yagyas.
We have hundreds of Pundits available to do these yagyas
Click on the link below to order either of the two yagyas mentioned above
Other suggestions:
June 14th is the Auspicious Day of Ganga (Ganesh)
Ganga Yagyas or other yagyas including yagyas mentioned above
could also begin on this day Including all monthly yagyas:
14th June 2016: -Ganga Dashahara: -
Yagya for removal of obstacles and winning in court case
For purity and fulfillment in life, removal of sins, good fortune
and abundance in life. Spiritual progress and unity consciousness
1 Day Yagya by 11 Pundits $215
 9 Days Yagya by 9 Pundits $730
11 days yagya by 11 pundits $935
All monthly yagyas can begin on this day
30 days yagya by 1 pundit $165
30 days yagya by 2 pundits $315
30 days yagya by 4 pundits $625
30 days yagya by 8 pundits $1250
30 days yagya by 12 pundits $1875
 30 days yagya by 16 pundits $2500
This time period of June 16th to 26th would also be a good time to do any
Planetary yagyas mentioned in your yearly readings.
Good time for those who have birthdays to do birthday yagyas during these 11 days.
You can order any yagya by sending us an email.
Sankalpa intentions should be submitted at the time of your order.
Aloha and Peace,

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