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Pundit Ramanand Shastri
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Twelve Lesson Introductory Course
in Vedic Astrology


We are pleased to announce that at long last we have completed our Twelve Lesson Introductory Course in Vedic Astrology and are releasing it for sale starting in May of 2010. 


We are very pleased with the scope and completeness of this course and recommend it for everyone interested in Vedic Astrology: whether you have no background in Vedic Astrology or feel confident that you are already well versed in the subject.


This course is an excellent compendium of knowledge which makes the learning and understanding of Vedic Astrology easy, enjoyable and comprehensive.


There are 24 CD’s and over 200 accompanying pages of charts, tables, graphs and supporting materials that make it easy for you to move at your own pace.

 Each CD comes with separate tracks for each subject and liner notes to allow student’s to access and review any section of the course they want over and over again.


This course has many improvements and additions to the “Live course” taught by conference call from September to December 2009. All materials are organized according to the flow of the lectures and are inserted in a 3 ring binder for easy access while listening to the CD’s.


Pundit Shastri is so pleased with this course that he is making a special offer to all those who purchase this course.  He will do any reading and birth time rectification for a reduced price for those who purchase this course.  Readings and Birth time rectifications that are normally $165 each will now be offered for $90 each or both for $165.


If you ever wanted a clear and comprehensive course on Vedic Astrology, this course is for you!
Thanks again Ken,
I really liked your astrology probably the best one in the world.


This course was recorded live from September to December 2009. 

Two years in the making this 12 lesson course contains over 20 hours of CD instruction on 24 CDs and contains over 200 pages of reference materials, charts, diagrams and tables. These reference materials were specifically designed for the student's use as reference materials for further study and for doing readings.


This course is like none-other as it attempts to show each student how to think and feel Vedic Astrology.


It is designed especially for beginning students and for those who know nothing about Vedic Astrology.  

This course will clarify what is important to learn in Vedic Astrology distilling the essence from hundreds of books on this subject; it takes even those who have some background in Vedic Astrology to a new level. 


This course focuses on the fundamentals and basics of Vedic Astrology which are necessary in order to do readings.  This course is designed to help each person learn how to read and understand their own Vedic Astrology chart, learn how to read an ephemeris and follow the daily transits of the planets.


This course is being offered for an exceptional introductory price of $300 ($25 per lesson) plus $25 shipping and handling in USA and $50 to Canada and Europe.
Click below to order your course from the USA = $325
Click below to order your course from Europe or Canada = $365

Still not decided?  If you would like to receive a sample lesson from this course on CD to see the quality of these Lessons and the ease in which they are presented then we are making the following offer: You may purchase Lesson #9 in Remedial Measures in Vedic Astrology which includes important information on yagyas, Astrological gemstones, Kavachas, Yantras and other remedial measures for $25 plus the cost of shipping and handling.  If you then decide to purchase the course we will deduct $25 from the $300 price of the course when you buy the course; If not you have some very valuable information on Remedial Measures in Vedic Astrology.
Click below to order Lesson #9 for $25 + $6 shipping = $33
Click below to order Lesson #9 for $25 + $20 shipping to Canada or Europe

Pundit Ramanand Shastri

World Renowned Jyotish Pundit Ramanand Shastri comes from a traditional family of Jyotish Pundits dating back over 1200 years. Pundit Shastri is the 41st generation of Jyotishis in his family.  With over 35 years of experience, Pundit Shastri has helped tens of thousands of people in over 55 countries with Jyotish readings and Yagya and gemstone recommendations
Ken Krumpe

  Ken Krumpe was first introduced to Vedic Astrology at the First     International Course on Vedic Science in New Delhi, India in 1980   and has been studying and teaching Vedic Astrology ever since.  Ken was a full time PhD student in Vedic Astrology in India for six months in 1985 at Maharishi Ved Vigyan Vishwa Vidya Peeth.  Over the years Ken has studied with many top Jyotishis and experts in Vedic Science.

Ken has taught over 1000 courses in Vedic Science including Vedic Astrology, Gandharva-Ved music, meditation, yoga and Sidhis, Ayurveda and Science of Creative Intelligence. 

 Ken has helped thousands of people receive yagyas and Vedic Astrology readings.

 Ken and Pundit Shastri are members of the Board of Directors of Enlightened Living Enterprises Charitable Corporation and coordinate a Yagya and Vedic Astrology program with over 250 Yagya pundits.


Introductory Course on Vedic Astrology

Lesson #1- An Introduction and Overview of Vedic Astrology

Lesson #2- An Introduction and Overview of Vedic Astrology-Part 2

Lesson #3- The 9 Grahas (Planets)  

Lesson #4- The 12 Rashis (Signs or Solar Constellations)  

Lesson #5- The 12 Bhavas (Houses)

Lesson #6- The 27 Nakshatras (Lunar Constellations)

Lesson #7- Gochar (Transits) and Dasha Periods

Lesson #8- Yogas and Aspects

Lesson #9- Remedial Measures in Vedic Astrology

Lesson #10- Natal Astrology, Predictions, Putting It All Together

Lesson #11-Learning to Understand Your Own Natal Chart  

Lesson #12-Final Review, Questions, Giving Direction for Future Study
Click below to order your course including shipping to the USA = $325
Click below to order your course including shipping to Canada or Europe = $345


Testimonial from our last course:

“Thank you for the Vedic Astrology Course, it was absolutely tremendous!

Ken, you're an excellent Teacher; each lesson was so clearly presented and enjoyable to follow.
The Lessons with Pundit Shastri were amazing and very accessible                      
 with all that profound knowledge printed up in transcript form.

Thank you to you and Janet for that very helpful printed format.

It’s been most extraordinary to receive the gift   
of a Birth Time Rectification, Life Reading and Birth Chart in color 
all in addition to the 12 Lesson Course.

My husband and I are both so happy and thankful that we got to take the Course. It has been most enriching to our life!
Thanks very much, with all Gratitude, best wishes”

“The course was enlightening for me,
I went into it not knowing anything 
I feel I was able to keep up and have an understanding at the beginner level,
I never felt I was in over my head, you and Pt Shastri explained everything crystal clear.                       
Thank you, great course, I will go over everything again and study my own chart morebefore wanting to move on. I feel more positive.  Thanks!”

“So glad the recordings are good and clear, a great blessing. 
We are definitely enjoying the course.”

It is so great that you are making CD's of the course for all future students.

The course contains so much great knowledge; it's so thorough and well presented.
We're all blessed by it.”

“It's definitely like learning a new language for me.

Fortunately, it's so well presented and so clear, it makes it enjoyable to learn and follow with it.”


“I really love this course.  It's one of the highlights of my week.

Touching base with such clarity and wisdom is bringing great inspiration in my life. Thanks!”

“I listened to the replay of our second lesson and I got a lot out of listening to it again.

I would like to listen a third time if I get the chance.

I feel like I'm not as intimidated by the Sanskrit words as I was at first.

I see the interesting difference between Vedic and Western astrology.

I am listening to the class and reading the material just like you said.”

“I am starting to think about Astrology and feel it just like in my yoga and meditation

This knowledge is a deeper astrology.”

“Thank you so much for these great Vedic Astrology classes;
Our lesson last week had so much to it and was so well covered.  Excellent!”

“That was a wonderful lesson yesterday! 
Thanks for taking the extra time at the end to explain further.
It gets more and more interesting and some how I feel more intelligent already.
I will listen again to the recording and look forward to getting my own chart to work along with this new information.”

“Today's class was so great, thanks!
It was good to have that brief overview of the last lesson to build on, then on to the new material.”

“We got more of a sense of the grahas today with all that you covered so well.

We both enjoyed the class so much! 
I am so happy my husband is with me now on this very special enlightening course. I knew he would relish it very much.

He commented about the depth of the material too.

I know he's enjoying it very much, is reading the notes,  and learning a lot in an area of interest with great life value.

I'm thankful that he will now have some sense of all of this for us to be able to share as it is of interest and importance to me and to our life.  
I know it will also be a dream come true  when he sees his Jyotish chart from Pundit Shastri all typed out, easy to see and refer to.
This course provides so many blessings all at once. Thank you. Great Course Ken!

“Ken, you're an excellent Teacher!
We are happy to see you in your enlightened dharma. 
We're very fortunate to be enrolled in this course
“We've got a good class with 17 students.  
We have noticed how comprehensive our Vedic Astrology course with you is.

We are very happy to be taking the Course.”

“Thanks again to Pt Shastri, Ken and Janet  for such a rich, informative, easy to follow course!
Not only did I eagerly await each class like a kid, but have surprised myself with how much I have actually been able to retain! I look forward to continuing to learn Jyotish.”
Thank you for creating such a wonderful course.  I'm really enjoying going through it the second time.  I'm really enjoying moving the stones and reading about the Nakshatras every day and connecting my experience with what's going on in the heavens.

**Please note that our policy is that there is no refund on the purchase of this course**



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