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Pundit Ramanand Shastri

Compatibility Analysis Criteria


          The compatibility analysis that Pundit Shastri offers comes from an in depth tradition of considering the many aspects of personal relationships.  Each aspect is carefully considered and given a score.  You will be able to tell the strengths and weakness of the relationship in question.  He will also give yagya recommendations to strengthen any weak areas. So if you are in an already committed relationship and would like to strengthen specific areas, a compatibility analysis will be very beneficial.  You can click on the button below and it will take you to checkout.  The fee for this Compatibility reading is $90.


          The first area looked at is the spiritual or ego development of the couple.  Those who are on the same or about the same level spiritually will be more compatible.

          The second area considered is the degree of magnetic control or amenability each person has on the other.

          The third area looks at the placement of each person’s moon in their chart which gives evidence as to how easily the people involved will mesh emotionally.


          The fourth area of consideration matches sexual compatibility which is important for happiness, progeny and mutual agreement.  

          The fifth area matches the psychological disposition of the couple or partnership.


          The sixth area matches the temperament and character of the couple or partnership.  It also measures harmony in the relationship.


          The seventh area matches the dispositions and compatibility or the rising signs and their planetary lordships.  This is a very important area as it measures harmony in all areas of life.

          The eighth is considered the most important and most significant.  It signifies the Nadi (pulse) or nervous energy relating to psychological and hereditary factors in terms of vata (air), pitta (fire), and kapha (earth, water)